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Henry Kissinger Signature

So I’ve always thought I had the “World’s Laziest Signature™”, though apparently having a lazy signature isn’t as easy as I thought. (My signature is an A with a few lazy squiggles.)

Recently, I’ve been looking for ways to automate my life and thus I wanted to set up auto-payments on my credit card payments. This whole process requires filling out forms, which was a chore in itself (that I somehow managed to finish). Though lo and behold, I received a letter from the bank saying that my signature didn’t match what they had on record and I was required to sign the form again and resend it.

This isn’t the first time this has happened as well. I guess the banks are pretty Draconian about the consistency of my lazy signature.

Ugh, first world problems, even laziness requires too much work.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Sign

  1. On the subject of signatures for banking, bank tellers often ask me to re-sign my transaction slips because my signature is never quite the same whenever I sign a document. I think this comes from not “writing” with my hands but rather, most of the time I am typing. Thus my signature is never the same.

  2. There is actually a really fascinating piece on handwriting and its relevance in the computer age:

    “Philip Hensher: Why handwriting matters
    Does handwriting have a value that email and texting can’t replace? In this extract from his new book, The Missing Ink, Philip Hensher laments the slow death of the written word, and explains how putting pen to paper can still occupy a special place in our lives”

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