Humans that sound like robots or robots that sound like humans

"More Human Than Human"

Blade Runner – “More Human Than Human”

Sometimes I have a hard time telling if humans that sound like robots or robots that sound like humans are running the tech support for some companies. I feel like I’m doing a Turing Test each time I engage with their tech support. Is it rude that in many instances I’ve asked if I was talking to a robot or if this was a real human?

I have to type out my questions in the most simplified, succinct and direct way to try to get my point across.  Even then, you’ll sometimes get irrelevant copy and pasted answers that don’t fully answer or address your original query. Chances are, if I’m reaching out to tech support, I’ve already tried googling a response and thus your FAQ-esque answer probably doesn’t resolve my issue (even if it matched the query your answer is addressing; which in this case isn’t my problem).

It is hard being lazy.

I’m Patient

Sometimes I wonder what I should do about my impatience.

One thing that really annoys me is when people walk really slowly and they end up blocking the road for everybody else. Seems like there are two speeds for most folks. People either are in a rush or “I’ve got all Day” mode. This is even more annoying when you’re trying to navigate around during a busy day or if you’re in a rush to get somewhere.

There are various categories of offenders:

Phone Junkies – The people that are too busy texting/watching some video to keep their eye on where they are walking or how fast (or rather slow) they’re walking.

Couples – Some couples insist on holding hands in a busy street and they seem to block off the whole thing with no regard for others. It’s a great way to show their affection to those of us who have some place to go.

Seniors – I guess it is rather mean to blame them when we’re all going to be subjected to the ravages of time eventually though often you feel like frogger dodging around them.

Talkers – People who are too engrossed in a conversation to notice that there are others around them trying to move past them. It is even worse when they decide to stand next to each other and block the whole road. Talk about a roadblock.

Kids – Sometimes there are young kids that seem to be in their own world. They will sometimes run into you or run in random zig zag patterns.

“Tourists” – These friends from the North have big luggages that the lug around in the streets. Sometimes they turn around and stop randomly without noticing that there are other people around them.

I reckon we could make a post about the types of people who drive I’m Hong Kong as well.

It’s A Sign

Henry Kissinger Signature

So I’ve always thought I had the “World’s Laziest Signature™”, though apparently having a lazy signature isn’t as easy as I thought. (My signature is an A with a few lazy squiggles.)

Recently, I’ve been looking for ways to automate my life and thus I wanted to set up auto-payments on my credit card payments. This whole process requires filling out forms, which was a chore in itself (that I somehow managed to finish). Though lo and behold, I received a letter from the bank saying that my signature didn’t match what they had on record and I was required to sign the form again and resend it.

This isn’t the first time this has happened as well. I guess the banks are pretty Draconian about the consistency of my lazy signature.

Ugh, first world problems, even laziness requires too much work.