Food Tours

One of the most interesting things about food is how universal food and food culture is. You’ve got a topic that instantly connects anyone around the world regardless the culture, nationality and race.

Thus, instead of just solely seeing the sights on a vacation, I’ve always highly valued the food experience. Yet sometimes, some people revert to routine when they’re in their own home towns. In this case, I am also guilty of not leaving my comfort zone when it comes to food.

A while back I decided to try something new and organised these food tours for friends. I thought I’d share some of the maps and itineraries that we’ve done. In addition to this we’ve done a couple other tours in Causeway Bay that haven’t been properly mapped out.

Updated version 2018 (Jordan/Yau Ma Tei/Mongkok) (Korean Fried Chicken – Causeway Bay)
If you’re in Hong Kong, glad to organise a food tour on your behalf. Just give us a shout.